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hotel lauberhorn grindelwald


conny kaufmann | hotel manager

conny kaufmann

hobbys: I love nature! I bike, climb, mountaineer and jog…….

is anyone interested how I spent my childhood? Iive been here in grindelwald for such a long time that I have a hard time remembering my home town. diepoldsau - a small village in the middle of the st. galler-rheintal. the old rhein flows around the village and when the new rhein breakthrough was created it became an island. i still remember how we went swimming in the old rhein on a daily basis. even back then I loved the outdoors. once in a while I miss the old rhein but the mountains make up for it and if I want to go for a swim lake thun and brienz are not that far away.

my advse for backcountry skiers. when the condition allows, you can mount the skins on your skis at the hotel lauberhorn and start hiking towards bort, passing the ranger bar to the “chohl-wyer”. from there the forest is like a magical dreamland. you will only snap back to reality once you see someone, remembering that you’re not the only one on earth. hike up to waldspitz, first, or spitze and enjoy (depending on the snow conditions) a deep powder snow downhill ride.

beni kaufmann | hotel manager

beni kaufmann

hobbys: biking, paragliding, skiing, …

"it‘s 4pm, i‘m climbing on my bike, my ear buds of my ipod mounted and in a fast and steady tempo i‘m heading up the mountain. while bono from u2 pounds in my ears with „beautiful day“ i suddenly realize how true it is. looking into the windows of the buses and gondolas i recognize the tired faces of hikers that take a ride down into the valley to end their day trip. the trails that a moment ago were filled with „red socks“ are now deserted and belong to me. Sweaty, but happy i reach the bachalpsee. the evening sun makes the surrounding mountains glow and everything is reflected in the lake. it‘s almost unreal. i‘m sitting down for a few minutes and take this amazing scenery in. the song „our lives“ by the calling, which is beating in my eardrums is never more fitting then now. 
yeah, 1‘200 meter of downhill single trail is waiting for me. without trouble i ride my bike smoothly down on the „flower“ trail and enjoy every single meter of it. suddenly a cow is blocking my way. i‘m getting off my bike and pat her on the neck. few minutes later she seems to have enough of my affection and starts to trot away giving me my trail back.
people are spending a lot of money on therapist who will help them find their inner selves again. for me a bike ride in this spectacular jungfrau region does all the magic to get my mind and soul back on track and if someday for whatever reason, it‘s not going to work out, then i‘ll find peace knowing that at least it will help the cow."

fränzi moser

franzi moser

hobbys: skiing, hiking, travelling, horse riding and my family

"my text in english is coming soon..."

albuquerce susana

susana albuquerce

hobbys: visite countries and cultures is a passion

"my name is Susana (the old furniture of the house… hihihi…). I work with beni and conny for so long that no longer think on them as employers, but rather as family!"

anita almer

anita almer

hobbys: skiing

"the one who agrees with the nature, the one will be sheltered from it as native-born in grindelwald I can tell you the nicest places, the most intresting hiking trails, the coolest bike trails or the most perfect ski slopes."

gonzaga sofia

gonzaga sofia

"gosto de andar com pés bem no terra. beni nada de paragliding!! sinto-me bem e feliz com ano 2014. casei-me com um lindo vestido. mudei-me para um sitio magnifico Grindelwald. adoro a minha vida."

barbara de oliveira

Barbara de oliveira

"my name is Barbara and i am portuguese. I like portugal but come to Switzerland was a challenge and an opportunity (i've always wanted) to change my life and come in search of new opportunities in my life. I love Grindelwald and i love snow. anyway,i love living here."

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